The App

Your goal is to help the family in each new situation: driving, cleaning house, cooking, eating, 
taking care of the baby. Listen and have fun!

There are two versions: Beginning and Level 2. All teach English, French and Spanish!



  Here are some tips:
  • Don't worry if you make a mistake, just move on.
  • Don't translate into your language! Just listen and do. If you want to repeat what you hear, that is great.
  • Think in English, Spanish or French!
  • Study the words before each level.
    (The word book is at the lower left.)
    Repeat in a loud voice.
  • Next turn off the writing and just repeat.
    Then practice without writing or sound,
    saying each word as you see the picture.
  • Use the helpers on the right if you
    don't understand.


For parents:


  • Make sure the children are comfortable with the word book before moving to the game. If the words are new, it is a good idea to take a couple sessions to practice the words. Turn off the sound and writing in the word book. When the children are calling out the words themselves with some confidence, they can move on to the game
  • If your child is 4-7, start with the beginner version. (include the link) Practice the words and play with your child. 
  • If you are working with younger children, you can let them play in their own language to reinforce the bilingual concept.
  • Encourage repeating the language. Try to keep the rule of no translating.