Info for Teachers:

Why it Works:

With Think Bilingual, students learn a language by immersing themselves in scenarios such as cooking, dressing up, or driving a car.
Listening and speaking in the target language while doing these activities guides the student to think in a new language!
With the full version of Think Bilingual, both teachers and student sign in to track progress.
There are now recorded speaking levels so students can practice without fear and teachers can check students' work!

Getting started:

  • If this is the first time, create a teacher account.
    1. Select "Create New User" 
    2. Select "Are you a new teacher?" 
    3. Create a user name and password 
    4. Create and name classes. 


  • Each of your students should also create
    an account searching for you as their teacher
    and joining one of the classes you have set up



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