F.A.Q. and Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions:

What devices can I play "Think in English!"/"Think Bilingual!" on?
Our app is now available for iPad devices and Android tablets.

What languages are available?
Our app has playable modes in English, French, and Spanish!

When will new stages be available?
Very soon! Follow us at twitter.com/GoImmerse and look for updates in product.

What if I have ideas for new stages?
Let us know! Send us an email at feedback@interactandimmerse.com

How do I change the language?
At the top right corner of the main menu, there are the options of French, Spanish, and English. Just tap to check one of three options to play in that language.

Will other languages be available?
Yes. We will announce developments for other languages as they become available.

Having sound issues?
Make sure your Side Switch isn't set to mute. If you're still having issues, refer to this link.

How do I use the Classroom Mode?
When this mode is available, you will need at least two iPads with the Think Bilingual! app. You can find the Classroom Mode Guide here.

Have feedback for us?

Contact us at feedback@interactandimmerse.com.

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